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Saad Racing MKIV Supra Stage 2 fuel system


Our stage 2 fuel system is capable of 900 whp with the 1100cc injectors on E85

Increase the limits with 2100cc injectors and the Walbro 450 LPH pump

All hard lines are mandrel bent stainless steel 304L with 304L stainless steel A/N fittings

Stainless steel Y's are hand ported to maintain proper flow through the complete system

Our wire harness use military/marine grade wire that is pre-tinned throughout for corrosion resistance

Our fuel systems are engineered through 15 years of R&D and developed diredtly from our 1800 whp Supra



Walbro 450 LPH pump

+ $75.00

2100cc injectors

+ $450

Recommended for E85 applications only

E-85 add-on system

+ $349.00

Comes with sensor, wiring harness, A/N fittings,

Teflon lines, mounting bracket and hardware

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Comes with
  • 6-1100cc plug and play injectors

  • 10 Aluminum fuel rail with injector adapters

  • Modified factory fuel pump hanger (core)

  • Twim Bosch 044 high flow/ high pressure fuel pumps

  • In-tank 255 lph walbro

  • Saad Racing mandel bent stainless steel fuel fittings

  • -10 Aluminum fuel fiter

  • Stainless steel braid Teflon fuel line

  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

  • Wire harness (routes to passenger interior foot well)

  • Completely E-85 compliant

  • Mounting brackets and hardware

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