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Drive Shaft Shop Axles

1400 hp Pro-Level Axle/Hub kit

Manual Part number - TO56

Automatic part number -TO55



Here is the Pro-Level Rear Axle/Hub kit for the 1993-1998 Supra Turbo Manual. The new Pro-Level Axle/Hub kit feature our largest 30 spline aerospace grade torsional axle bars, 108mm Porsche-style outer/inner CV with a newly designed bolt-on outer stub that is made to fit the Supra suspension and is machined to accept the Supra ABS rings. This kit is a complete system with both axles, wheel hubs with the larger spline to accommodate the new outer CV, ARP extended studs and adaptor plate and all the hard were you the factory outer stub. This system is designed for pro drag race use but is suitable for any street car. Rated to 1200HP with a 1-year warranty

Drive Shaft Shop Drive Shaft

6 speed 1 piece Pro-Series Heavy Duty 3.5" Chromoly Drivesaft with Conversion Plates


Part number - TOSH5-HD-CV


This is our complete 1-piece 3.5" Heavy-Duty Chromoly driveshaft for the 1993-1998 Supra Turbo 6-Speed. This is a complete shaft made with larger 3.5" diameter tube and replaces the factory rubber couplers with 1350 series u-joints and includes precision billet plates designed to maintain perfect centerline from the transmission to differential and mount to the factory front and rear flanges, along with all hardware necessary for installation. Like all carbon based drive shafts made here, it is done with our spray transfer weld system (not a globular transfer like most). If you're looking for pro level parts, you know where to find them. This driveshaft is rated above 1000HP and includes our 1-year warranty.

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