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Toyota Supra MKIV 93-98 IGN1A coil wire harness Ryachem Tefzel wire service loops and sealed realy/fuse distribution block

Saad Racing Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE and VVT-I IGN1A coil wiring harness.


Our wiring harness uses top of the line components with unmatched racing inspired assembly.

Tefzel ETFE wire which is tinned for maximum corrosion protection and has a high temp wire cover.


Due to the "pull to seat" connector for the coil packs, we incorporate a service loop with Kevlar lacing cord for proper maintenance (service loops throughout all connections)


Power supply to the coils, relay power and fuse power wiring is a massive 10ga Tefzel wire with minimal splicing


Wire harness is covered with Raychem heat shrink for abrasion protection, water resistant and a clean look


High quality sealed relay/fuse junction box that put all of the components in one location for service convenience


Compatible with the following coil packs

  • AEM 30-2853
  • Holley 556-112
  • Haltech HT-020114
  • Pro EFI HO 8005
  • Amp EFI
  • DIY Auto Tune

Saad Racing Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE and VVT-I IGN1A coil wiring harness

  • Supra MKIV 2JZ-GTE IGN1A, Pro EFI, Holley, AEM coil wiring harness. This high quality racing inspired harness comes with all the bells and whistles. Service loops at all connector locations with Kevlar Lacing cord (Kevlar at specific locations) to keep the loop intact which is vitally important at the coil connector due to the "pull to seat" design of the connector. High end Raychem wire sleeving and splicing boots protect the wires from abrasions and seals the connections. OEM style sealed relay and fuse junction box combines components in one convenient place. ECU wires are un-terminated for user accommodation for your specific ECU (termination available upon request). Comes with wiring instructions.


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