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Saad Racing E46 M3 2.50" CNC Billet Wheel Spacers


Our 2.50" wheel spacers allow you to put a massive 345 in the rear for greater traction


Widebody kit necessary for these as the tire will extend outside the factory wheel well lip


CNC machined out of billet 6061 aluminum and hard anodized for maximun durability to weight ratio


Special grooves on the back side allow you to remove them without damaging the mating surfaces


Pressed in ARP 2000 wheel studs for ultimate strength


Use your current wheel lug nuts without converting to a different nut


We can modify and widen wheels to fit the larger tire (12" wide rim is recommended for a 345)


Our shop drag car has a widened APEX EC-7

Comes with
  • 2 - Saad Racing billet spacers

  • ARP 2000 wheel studs 12mm x 1.5

  • 10 - 12.9 Allen head cap screws

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