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Saad Racing E46 M3 Direct Port Nitrous Bungs


Our direct port nitrous bungs are a direct fit into the factory vacuum rail


CNC machined out of billet aluminum and hard anodized for durability


NOS is injected behind the throttle plates


Safest way to run NOS (over fogger)


Can be run as a dry shot or a wet shot


From 75hp shot up to 375hp shot


Tapped for 1/16" NPT.


Designed for use with Nitrous Express dry nozzel part #drynozzel116 and wet nozzel part #80018


Complete system is available. Contact us for furthur information

Comes with
  • 6 - Saad Racing direct port bungs

  • 12 - Viton o-rings

  • 2 - Mounting brackets

  • Mounting hardware

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